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Monday, April 25, 2011

Saved 80% at Publix 4/25

Today was a great trip for a Monday morning. I don't think I have ever shopped on Monday morning before, but since Easter was this week Publix changed their sale dates. I really didn't need to much this week. My freezer, pantry and cabinets are pretty full!
 2- NY bread sticks, sale 50% off, $1.44 each, used 2- .40mq = $1.04 each
2 Thomas Bagels, bogo $4.19, no coupon = $2.10 each
2 vita nova salmon, bogo $4.59, used $1/2 mq = $1.80 each
2 nature valley granola bars, sale $1.99 each, used .75/2 mq = $1.62 each
2 mission tortilla, sale $1.79 each, used 2- $1.00 IP = .79 cents each
2 Heinz ketchup, no sale $1.99 each, used 2- $2.00 IP = FREE + .02 cent money maker!
6 voskos yogurts, sale $1.00, used 4- $1.00 mq and 2- $1.00 IP = all 6 FREE!
2 playtex tampons, $4.29 bogo, used a free coupon that I got in the mail = both FREE!
2 pace salsa, bogo $2.59, used .60/2 mq = $1.00 each
4 pace picante, bogo $2.59, used 2- .60/2 mq = $1.00 each
1 B-12 vitamin, $3.99, used $3.00 PQ + $1.00mq = FREE + .01 cent money maker!
2 bic soleil razors, $5.49 bogo, used 2- $2.00 mq = .75 cents each
4 bic flex 4 razors, $5.49 bogo, used 4 - $3.00 mq = FREE + $1.02 money maker!

I spent a total of $22.54, saved $88.25 or 79.6%

Monday, April 18, 2011

my two CVS trips Saved 98%

This is my CVS shopping on Sunday 4/17. I paid a grand total of $1.23!!!! WOOHOO!!! I saved $91.45.
I actually had a negative total of almost $4.00 and had to throw in the edge shaving gel and tic tacs to get me to a positive balance. My subtotal was a negative $1.13 and I paid only $2.36 in tax = $1.23
I bought all of this in one transaction so I could use my $5/30..or was it $5/40 (can't remember) cvs email coupon. I scanned my card when I got to the store and got another $2.00 coupon that I used.
I had a lot of ecbs that I needed to use up, my stock pile is full so I am planning on lowering my month shopping budget and I won't be going to cvs to much. (yeah right! LOL)
Note... if you have the Nivea $3.00 mq coupons, use it at Walmart where you can get them for free!!! I didn't realize this until after I purchased mine at CVS....but I did have a few more coupons, so I ran to walmart and picked up 3 more for free!
I bought:
2 Hellmann's mayo, bogo $5.99, used 2- .75 mq (I think this would be cheaper at  Publix this week, but I wanted to use up some ecbs)
1 edge shaving gel, $3.29, they wouldn't let me use my coupon for some reason????, got back $2.30 ecb
3 men's Nivea, $3.88 sale, used  3 $3.00 mq = .88 cents each
3 women's Nivea  same as above..(these 6 nivea will be donated...NO comments on how much body wash do I need...AMY...LOL)
3 stove top stuffing, .88 sale, used .50 mq = ,38 cents each (these will be donated)
2 reach toothbrushes, $1.00 each sale, used  2 $1.00 mq = FREE (these will be donated)
4 reach floss, $1.00 sale, used 4 $1.00 mq = FREE
2 listerine, sale $1.00 each, used $2/2 IP = FREE
1 Aquafresh, sale $1.00, used $1.50/1 aquafresh CVS coupon machine coupon = .50 cent money maker!
1 tic tac, no sale or coupon, $1.57
2 green bag tags, .99 each, got back $1.98 ecb
I used the $5 and the $2 cvs coupons mentioned above, along with $13.71 in ecbs
I paid $1.23 OOP and got back $4.28 ecbs

Here is trip #2
This morning I went back to CVS to pick up some deals I missed.
Missing from photo was 1 gallon of 2% TG Lee Milk
I spent a total of .87 cents on this trip!!! I am loving CVS this week!!!! I saved $34.17.
Here is what I got:
1 gallon Milk, sale$3.19, used $1.00 IP = $2.19 got back $1.00 ecb (such an awesome price!!!)
1 GE light bulb, sale $2.99, used $1.00 mq = $1.99 and got back $2.00 ecbs!!!
2 reese eggs, 2/$1, no coupon
5 aquafresh kids toothbrushes, sale $1.00, used 5 $1.00 mq = FREE
4 aquafresh kids toothpaste, sale $1.00, used 4 $1.00 mq = FREE
scanned my card when I went to the store and received a $2.00 ecb. also used another $2.00 ecb
Grand total of .87 cents OOP

My two trips I spent a total of $2.10
Saved $125.62
98% savings!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saved 68% at Publix 4/14

 I had every thing put away before I realized that I didn't take a picture of the things I bought ,so it will just be a list today.
I started out this trip by picking up a $50 American Express gift card. I used the $10 off coupon that is in the sales flyer and got it for $44.95 after the $4.95 activation fee. This is a money maker of $5.05!! I just love when they have a sale on these, I save so much money by purchases a bunch of them though out the week. I am on the Dave Ramsey envelope money system so I just take they money that is budgeted for my monthly groceries and turn it into a card! I did this transaction twice today, once using $50 of my grocery money and once for $50 of my personal spending money. All totaling a $10.10 money maker!!! Nothing better than walking into a store and having them give you ten bucks  right off the bat :) I will check some of my other budgeted money to see if I can buy more this week.

Here is what else I purchased:
14 - birds eye veggies (most of these were green beans for church dinner this week) on sale for 50% off, used 5- $1.00/3 mq (some how I ended up one bag short) = 12 @ .56 cents each and 2 @ .39 cents each because of the one bag missing mistake. I wouldn't have been able to get this great deal if it wasn't for the two very nice coupon girls that I see every week shopping. I asked them if they had any spare coupons and they gave me 4 of the coupons!!!!
1 small ham, sale $9.09
4 sweet potatoes, sale .49 lb = .99 cents
2 zucchini, sale .99 lb = .48 cents
4 yoplait yo plus yogurt, bogo $2.00, no coupon = $1.00 each
4 Pam spray, bogo $2.95, used 4 - $1.00 pq and 3- .35mq (one q short) = .21 cents each
2 Tutt. crushed tomatoes, bogo $1.87, used $1/2 blinkie = .43 each
2 Alexia frozen buttermilk biscuits, bogo $3.39, used 2 $1.00 IP = .70 each
4 dole canned  pineapple bogo $1.59, used 2 .50/2 = .55 each
3 kraft shredded cheese with philly, sale $1.67, used 3 $1.00 blinkies = .67 each
2 snickers eggs, .50 each, used $1/2 = FREE

I spent $29.31 not counting the gift cards, saved $62.24 or 68%
Not bad for getting the extras this week for my Easter dinner and the beans for the church dinner!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This weeks drug store shopping 4/10

Sunday after church I stopped at CVS and Walgreens.
 Here is the breakdown:
Walgreens -
2 carefree liners on sale for .99 each, used two .50 mq (did two transactions so I could get the $1.00 RR on each one)
 2 snickers eggs (missing in action, lol) on sale for .29 cents each, used $1/2 mq (instead of buying more candy I used the overage to go toward the price of the carefree!)
I spent a total of .74 cents on both transactions and saved $3.42 or 82% and came home with $2.00 register rewards.
I shopped a different Walgreens than normal today and met the best cashier! She said they never have issues with coupons at this store. She works the beauty counter every Sunday, so I guess this will be my new store:)

4 biore-$7.50 each,  used 2 bogo mq, got back $5 ecb (limit was only one $5ecb when you buy 2/$15...lost out on this one)
2 dove body wash (these came with the sample dove mens wash attached), $6.00 each, used $1.00 mq, got back $4 ecb
1 russell stover egg  (missing from the photo), .74 cents, got back .74 ecb
1 bubbles, $1.99 got back $1.99 ecb

I used a $5/40 email coupon and $21.99 in ecbs
I spent a total of $3.11 oop and saved $49.86 or 94%  and ended up with $11.73 in ecbs for next trip

Friday, April 8, 2011

Saved 97% today

This morning I finally got around to sorting out my coupons. I had a huge pile of them sitting on my desk for about a month! I found some great coupons to use up, so off shopping I went.

First stop was to the Dollar General, today is delivery day. I wanted to get the dentastix BOGO $2.00. I used 2- $1.00 IP. Only paid .14 cents tax!

Second stop was CVS, yesterday I noticed the tea was on 25% clearance, so this morning I got all my $1.00 mq ready to use when the price went lower. I wasn't going to use them today but I noticed the red tea had a tag for 75% off. I checked the price of the others and sure enough they were all marked $1.04. I had actually went in today because I heard they had a bunch of food on clearance and I wanted to see what they had. So I ended up with 7 boxes of tea for only .28 cents!! I used 4 - $1.00 mq and a $3.00 Birthday email coupon from CVS  :) I got back $5.00 ecb for beauty purchases, not sure why tea is considered a beauty purchase??? and $1.00 for my green bag tag. A $6.00 Money Maker today!!!!

Third stop was to Publix. I got two oral B toothbrushes, 2/$3, used a $2/2mq and a $1.00 pq = free
4 boxes of one beyond cat food, $2.79 each, used 4- Free mq. I ended up paying $1.00 tax.

Today I spent a total of $1.42 and saved $49.79 or 97%

Publix & CVS shopping 4/7

This weeks shopping trip to Publix I spent $43.20 and saved $97.90. A savings of 69%.
Here is the breakdown of what I bought and the coupons used. Please see the coupon abbreviation page if your not familiar with my blog.
2 frosted mini wheats with fruit, bogo $3.99, used 2 $1.00 IP = $1.00 a box
2 post great grains cereal, bogo $3.99 used 2 $1.00 mq = $1.00 a box
2 almond accents, bogo $2.99, used 2 $1.00 IP, 2 - .55 mq that was attached (not all stores allow you to use both) = .11 money maker!!
1 bag salad (not on sale) $1.99, used $1.00 tear pad wyb 2 almond accents = .99 cents
2 four packs of tuna, bogo $3.15, no coupon = $1.58 each
8 muellers whole wheat pasta, bogo $1.17, used 4 $1/2 mq = .09 cents each
2 crest toothpaste (had bonus pack of crest with scope, single use glide floss and $10 in coupons) bogo $2.69, used 2 $1.00 mq = .35 cents each
2 craisins, bogo $1.99 no coupon = .99 cents each
2 nature valley granola bars value pack, bogo $5.99, used 2- .50 IP = $2.49 each
1 sun chip, $3.00, used $1.00 pq from yellow flyer = $2.00
1 pack grape tomatoes, sale $1.99
2 pepperidge farms cookies, bogo $3.49, used 2- .50 mq = $1.25 each (do these packages of cookies keep getting smaller and smaller, or is it just me?)
4 emerald whole cashews, bogo $5.79, used 2 $1.50/2 mq = $2.15 each
2 cascadian farms organic hashbrowns, 2/$4.00, used 2 - $1.00 PQ IP and 2- .75 MQ IP = .25 cents each
1 mardi gras napkin, sale $2.99, used .55 mq = $2.44
1 tribe hummus, no sale $2.79 used free mq from the tampa tribune mid week newspaper last week = free
2 arnolds bread, bogo $3.99 no coupon = $1.99 each
3 ore ida potatoes, $2.85, used b2g1 sweetbay manufacture coupon from their sweet inspirations booklet and a b2g1 PQ from the yellow flyer.
4- silk almond milk, $2.50, used 4- $2.00 IP = .50cents each

I stopped by CVS and picked up a 5in1 wii sports kit for only .97 cents, it was on clearance 90% off and I got some pet central rawhide munchie sticks for my dog for .71 cents and I had a $1.00 cvs coupon making it a money maker! I even got back $1.00 ecb for my green bag tag!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big CVS trip 4/3

I had another big week at CVS. On this trip I spent $24.89 oop and saved $138.16 or 85%. I came home with $17.97 in ecbs for my next trip.  If you have read my shopping blog before you know how I hate to do more than one transaction, today I had to break down and do three!!!

My first transaction I bought the tide, bounty, 3 herbal essence shampoo and 3 hair spray.
I had a $4/20 from the coupon machine and $11.50 in ecbs. I used a .35 mq for tide, 3 bogo mq for the shampoo and stylers and $1/2 mq for shampoo.  I paid a total of $10.42 oop and saved $43.97.

Second transaction I bought 2 irish spring body wash, one deodorant with bonus body wash attached, 3 puffs, 1 milk ( ended up paying $2.19- awesome price!), 1 gold bond body wash, 1 glide floss, 1 crest rinse. I had a $4/20 from a cvs email and the $10 ecbs from the first transaction and $1.50 ecb for the 1/4. I used $1.00 IP for the milk, .25/3 mq on puffs, 2 $1.00mq Irish spring body wash, .50 mq Irish spring deodorant, .75 mq floss, $2.00 mq gold bond, $1.00 mouth rinse. As I am typing this up I realize that the cashier must have rang up my $2.00 coupon twice, not sure where the extra $2.00 off came from? I spent $8.29 and saved $33.94.

Third transaction I bought the complete eye solution, 2 john frieda shampoos, 2 oral b toothbrushes, 2 gum ez flossers. I used $9.00 ecb from 2nd transaction. Cashier told me I could have printed out another $4/20 from the email but I didn't know that, so I lost out on $4 and the gum ez printables were all gone by the time I got around to printing that out, so I lost another $1.50. Two lessons learned today!!! (going over my receipt I just noticed that I did use a $4/20 on this transaction and not on transaction #2). Coupons used were: 2 $2.00 mq oral b toothbrush, 2 $2.00 mq john frieda, $1.00 mq complete eye solution.
Total spent was $6.18 and saved $35.36.
I could have saved more money by breaking down that transaction that I didn't have the $4/20 coupon for and using some more ecbs but I am very happy how things turned out!