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Friday, February 25, 2011

Save a Lot & Publix Shopping 2/25

This is my Save a Lot trip:
I spent $22.96 and used no coupons!
Almond milk $2.99
Apple juice $1.99
cantelope $1.49
celery $1.69
red grapes .99 lb ($2.19)
honeydew $1.99
lettuce $1.99
Mangoes .59 cents each
onions $1.99
Roma tomatoes $1.29 lb ($1.37)
Tostito chips $3.50

This is my Publix trip. I spent $19.80 and saved $62.88 or 76%
Here is what I got:
Sushi $7.99 (my saving would have jumped up to 84% if I didn't buy this for lunch! )
6 -Hartz dog treats, raincheck bogo $2.99, (only 3 shown, donated 3 boxes to my kennel/dog groomer) used 6 - $2.00 mq = FREE plus $3.00 money maker!
2- Uncle Sam cereal bogo $2.69, used 2 - $1.00 IP & .75/2 pq = .06 overage (for those of you that read my blog you know I never write down my coupons.  I can't find where I got the IP from, but I thought I had two of them. lol!)
2- Kellogg's crunchy nut cereal, bogo $3.99, used 2- $1.00 mq & 1 $1.00 TQ = .50each
Maalox $5.79, used $5.00 mq = .79 cents (not sure if this rang up at the right price, I thought it would be an overage!)
Folgers coffee, sale $3.00, used $1.00 mq wyb 2 kelloggs cereals = $2.00
whipping cream ,no sale = $1.99
provolone cheese, sale $2.00
maybelline eye shadow $2.99, used $2.00 pq and $1.00 mq = FREE
2 Pepperidge Farms bread, bogo $3.89, used .75mq = $1.57 each
Silk soy milk, sale $2.50 used $1.00 mq and .75 pq = .75 cents
Potatoes sale $2.99, used 2 - $1.50 off produce wyb  Pepperidge Farm bread mq = FREE
red pepper, sale $1.20
baby spinach no sale $2.49, watermelon sale $2.52, 3 packs of strawberries, sale $5.00 used the $10/$40 Sweetbay competitor coupon = FREE

Friday, February 18, 2011

Food, Food and some more food!

Wow, I am way behind in my blogs about my grocery shopping! It seems like all I have done is go grocery shopping! I have been to Publix, Winn Dixie, CVS and Save A Lot. It feels like I have gone a millions times since my last post! I will just show a few of the them.

Publix Italian sale 2/17
On this trip I spent $37.13 and saved $95.80 or 72%. 
I didn't have the $5/30 coupon that some people got in the paper and I was short  two coupons on the hunts and one for sominex, those coupons would have saved me  another $7.40!
For the coupon match ups I went to and
My store had tons of coupon booklets and coupon flyers so be on the look out for them!
I will just list the final prices for each item after the coupons:
Sargento shredded cheese .25 cents
Broccoli slaw kit $1.00 ...this looks really good. I have never had it. I might have to go back for more!
bagged salad mix $1.85
Egg beaters .92 cents
Honest tea .50 cents
Green giant frozen veggies .50 cents
Green giant canned veggies .37 cents
Italian bread .79 cents
5 grain bread .39 cents
Buittoni fettuccine .10 cents
Sorrento Ricotta $2.00
Sorrento Mozzarella $1.50
sominex (for donation)(lost a coupon) .13 money maker
Kotex U (thank God this sale ends today! LOL) .79 cents
Dove deodorant, free
Relish .47 cents
Chicken broth $1.05
Progresso beans .42 cents, when you subtract the $5/20 PQ I ended up paying .17 cents
Hunts tomato sauce and diced tomatoes (.37 cents as part of the $5/20)

I think I will go back later in the week and get more beans as I only bought a few. What was I thinking???? When I was checking out, the cashier told me about free razors! I will have to see if I have any of those coupons. Today I had my two favorites cashiering and bagging for me. I love when that happens :) She told me that one girl came in today and saved over $200!! woo hoo
Save A Lot store:
On 2/16 I stopped in to check out a new Save A Lot store that is right by my Publix. I spent $31.21, which I think is an awesome price for all of this produce! I made one mistake, the green peppers were $1.59 each and not a pound! EEK! I over paid a few dollars for those :(

bag of apples, bag of oranges, bananas, carrots, ginger root, grapes,cilantro, 2 mangoes, 3 peppers, honeydew, 4 tomatoes, onion, 2 strawberries, gallon of milk (not pictured), saltines, 2 veinna sausage, 2 canned mushrooms, croutons, country sausage gravy

On 2/14 I spent $4.50 at CVS and saved $30.63 or 87%

I didn't realize that the colgate had a limit of two until I got home and looked at my receipt, so I went back and got another one the next day. Notice the bonus pack with a free toothbrush! Free toothbrush, toothpaste and floss! My dentist will love me! The cereal was bogo and the dial was on clearance 50% off.
For CVS coupon match ups I use Simply
My Winn Dixie trip 2/05 and 2/07
I didn't take a picture for these two shopping trips. I stocked up on steak! I bought a lot of steak, t-bones and rib eyes. This was the week that their flyer had a $5/$30 coupon. I got $129 worth of steak for $55.77! This didn't even put me over on my food budget because I was able to take the money from my hubbys butchering money since he hasn't gotten any wild hogs this year! I picked up a few other things but I won't go into detail since the sale is over.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Publix shop and show 2/3

Since the new year I have been trying to eat a little healthier by not buying so many snacks and pre packaged food. I have been doing pretty good, still lots of room for improvement. Today was so hard not to buy the knorr sides, bogo, they are my favorite! I had to walk right on by them with blinders on :)
I had the $5/30 Winn Dixie coupon again today, so I splurged and bought some shrimp! Its going to taste so good with the free little red potatoes from last weeks sale and corn on the cob in a cajun shrimp boil!

Today I Spent $31.71 and Saved $61.38 or 66%
Here is the break down:
No coupons for the following:
fruit salad, sale $4.63
Milk, $3.35
Mission chips, sale $2.50
Cocktail sauce, bogo $1.99 = .99 each
Shrimp, sale $4.99 lb = $8.49
Thyme .69 cents
Grape tomatoes, sale $2.00
2- Avacados, sale $2.00
2- milk bones, sale 2/$5, used $1.50/2 mq = $1.75 each
1- Milk bone chewy, $2.99, used free peelie wyb 2 milk bones = FREE
(after these and last weeks beggin strips my dog treats are now stockpiled!)
2 - Breakstone sour cream, $1.50 bogo, used 2 .55/1 mq= .20 cents each
2- Kraft shredded cheddar, sale 2/ $4, used $1.00/2 mq = $1.50 each
1- Baileys creamer, sale $1.50, used $1.00 blinkie = .50
2- Mt. Olive jalapeno cups, $2.47 bogo, used 2 - .50 mq = .74 each
2- vivarin tablets, $3.19 each, used $5.00/2 PQ and 2 - $1.50 mq = $1.62 Money Maker (these will be given away)
2- Dove deodorant, $2.99, used 2- $2.00 mq and 2- $1.00 PQ = FREE (these will be donated)
2- Midol, sale $4.99, used $5.00/2 PQ and 2- $2.00 IP = .49 cents each
3- Muir Glen tomato sauce, .89 each, used 3- .75 IP = .14 cents each
4- Rotel diced tomatoes, $1.39 bogo, used .75/3 pq and 2 - .25 mq = .38 cents each ( I could have used 2 more .25 mq but I didn't have them!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Publix run 2/1 Saved 80%

I went shopping on Thursday but my store didn't have any of the beggin strips and I didn't know about the potato and soda deal so I had to make another trip. Here is what I purchased.
I love FREEBIES! Today I got the 4 Sun Drop sodas free, they are on sale bogo and in the yellow flyer there is a bogo coupon, used 2 coupons = all FREE (hubby will take these to work since I don't drink soda)
2- bags of red potatoes $3.99 bogo, used 2 $2.00 IP = FREE
1- yoplait yogurt, .75 cents, used FREE coupon I got in the mail
4- Busy chewnola dog treats, $3.00 each, used 4 FREE mq wyb/1 beggin strip
4- beggin strips, $5.29 bogo, used 4 $1.00 mq and 2 $1.00 PQ on any Purina treat ( I could have tried and used 8 $1.00 publix coupons but I didn't want the hassle since the other 6 items were free, they would have been an overage and I wasn't sure how many times we are allowed to print out the pdf publix pet coupon.) = $1.15 each
2 - 8 o'clock coffee, bogo $5.89, used $2.00/2 IP (thanks Amy!) = $1.95 each
2- Veggie lovers bag salad, bogo $3.69, no coupon = $1.85 each
I Spent $14.61, Saved $57.31 or 80 %
I also found the Gasparilla coupon booklet by customer service in a stand alone stand.