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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This weeks drug store shopping 4/10

Sunday after church I stopped at CVS and Walgreens.
 Here is the breakdown:
Walgreens -
2 carefree liners on sale for .99 each, used two .50 mq (did two transactions so I could get the $1.00 RR on each one)
 2 snickers eggs (missing in action, lol) on sale for .29 cents each, used $1/2 mq (instead of buying more candy I used the overage to go toward the price of the carefree!)
I spent a total of .74 cents on both transactions and saved $3.42 or 82% and came home with $2.00 register rewards.
I shopped a different Walgreens than normal today and met the best cashier! She said they never have issues with coupons at this store. She works the beauty counter every Sunday, so I guess this will be my new store:)

4 biore-$7.50 each,  used 2 bogo mq, got back $5 ecb (limit was only one $5ecb when you buy 2/$15...lost out on this one)
2 dove body wash (these came with the sample dove mens wash attached), $6.00 each, used $1.00 mq, got back $4 ecb
1 russell stover egg  (missing from the photo), .74 cents, got back .74 ecb
1 bubbles, $1.99 got back $1.99 ecb

I used a $5/40 email coupon and $21.99 in ecbs
I spent a total of $3.11 oop and saved $49.86 or 94%  and ended up with $11.73 in ecbs for next trip

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  1. I am still on the same bottle of shampoo, the same bottle of cream rinse and same bottle of body wash as i was .. I swear... Eight months ago. Now I have gone through several bars of soap. And I have used different shampoos, but still how much soap and shampoo can a girl need?

    I wont even go there with the panty liners. HA HA.