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Friday, December 10, 2010

Publix Shop & Show 12/10

This is the first trip to Publix this month! Last week I just didn't need anything, that was the first week I have missed all year. I really didn't need to much of anything this week but i couldn't pass up the American Express gift card deal and I have been craving a pot of chili and some chicken and black bean salsa tacos. I purchased a $100 American Express gift card for only $95.95! That included the $5.95 activation fee. In this weeks flyer on the back page is a coupon for $10 off!! I will go back and get more since I always pay cash for my groceries I will be saving $4.00 on each card. I just wish I knew about this deal yesterday when I went to Walmart and got 2 $100 visa cards for the kids for Christmas and had to pay an extra $12 to activate them!

Today I spent $44.60 and saved $54.85 = 55% , that does not include the gift card.
Not pictured is the gift card, a gallon of milk and 2 packs of toilet paper.
Here are the coupons used:
Bogo raincheck for 2 deals on the packing tape -$3.49 bogo, used 4 mq $1.00(winter family savings booklet) = .75 cents each
2 Angel soft 12 rolls toilet paper - 5.49, used mq .50cents. I could only find one of my coupons. = $5.24 each
4 Meow Mix- Bogo $4.89, used 4 $1.00 mq = $1.45 ea.
Publix 2% gallon Milk $3.29
2 Chips Ahoy cookies- Bogo $2.99, used $1.50/2 mq and $1.00 mq when you buy milk = .25 cents ea
2 Theraflu $5.39 each, used 2 $2mq and $5/2 PQ = .89 cents each. (not quit as good of deal as when I got it as a $2.00 money maker but still a great deal and now I am stocked up for winter)
4 kidney beans, no sale, no coupons = .75 ea
Mission fajita tortillas, no sale $2.69, used $1.00 MQ = $1.69
2 old el paso taco seasoning, no sale .97, used .60/2 = .67 ea
2 Crystal light pure bogo $3.49, no coupon = $1.75 ea
3 scotch brite dobie scrubbers $1.79 no sale, used 3 $1.50 pq = .29 ea
boneless chicken breast sale $1.99 lb = $3.72
2 Kelloggs mini wheats - bogo $4.19, used $1.00/2 = $1.60. I missed out on the $1.50/1 IP that came out yesterday :(

I also stopped by the produce stand on my way home. I got a bunch of bananas, 3 apples and 3 tomatoes for only $3.10

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  1. Great job, Missy! Especially the Chips Ahoy deal... yummmmmmm.....

    Thanks for visiting Wednesday Weekly Shopping at Frugal Follies! I truly appreciate it!