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Friday, January 28, 2011

Publix trips 1/25 & 1/27

Trip #1

On 1/25 I needed to buy some tortilla shells, zucchini and fruit so I ran to Publix figuring I could also buy the Kotex and Scot paper products to get the mail in rebate for a $10 Publix gift card. I picked out all the poise and kotex I wanted and headed to the paper isle for the Scot towels to find that it was wiped out! I didn't want to put all my kotex back so I just bought it anyway, it came to $29 before coupons and I needed $35 for the gift card...UGH! ( Did you read my last post on "how much feminine products does a girl need",  just click on my home page over on the right and then scroll down )
I ended up spending $11.73, Saved $55.05 or 82%
I didn't write down my coupons but I do know that the kotex and poise was a $2.99 money maker after all my Publix and manufacturer coupons!
The vitamins and soy sauce were also money makers so basically I paid for the tortillas, fruit, veggies and eggs and everything else was free!!!
Here is the break down that I remember:
4 poise liners, $3.19 ea, used PQ & MQ = $3.24 MM
5 kotex, $2.95 ea, used PQ & MQ = .05 each
eggs, $2.19, used .50 cent IP when you buy soy sauce = $1.69
2 whole fruit sorbet, bogo $2.89, used 2 .50 mq = .95 each
2 vitamins, $3.29 each, used 2 $1.00 mq & $6/2 PQ = $1.42 MM
mission fajita shells, sale $1.99
fruit salad, $4.76
zucchini, $1.98
2 soy sauce, $1.39 each, used bogo IP (cashier took the full $3.00 off instead of $1.39, I didn't notice until just now!) also used $1.00/1 IP = $1.22 MM
3 stewed tomatoes, bogo $1.29, used mq? = .50 cents ea
3 diced tomatoes, bogo $1.29

Trip #2 on Thursday 1/27
I spent $24.49, Saved $34.01 or 58% (not bad considering what I bought)
I didn't need to purchase to many items in this weeks sale. What I did get were some of our favorites that we don't usually buy unless its on sale.
Here is what I got:
4- Post Honey Bunches of Oats, Bogo $3.99, used 2 $1/2 mq = $1.50 each
2- 8 O'clock coffee, Bogo $5.89, used 2 $1.00 IP = $1.95 each
2- Emerald whole cashews, Bogo $5.79, used 2 $1.00 mq = $1.90 each
2- Frenchs mustard, Bogo $1.77, used 2 .30 cent mq = .59 each
1 grape tomato, sale $2.00
1 cantaloupe, sale $2.50
1 Shoreline Combo Sushi, $9.49
I treated myself to lunch by buying the Sushi since I had the $5/30 Winn Dixie coupon. It was like getting the sushi for $4.49! The store was out of the Beggin Strips for my dog so I got a rain check.
For the month I Spent $230, Saved $655. I was trying to only spend $200 but I did set aside $250 in my food budget, so I guess I still came out ahead from last years average of $319 a month. I stocked up on many items so I think I had a great month!

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  1. Great job!
    I'm going to hit Publix tommorrow to stock up on some of the same things.