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Friday, January 7, 2011

Publix 1/6

I am happy to report I was under budget last week. I only spent $44 on all my shopping!!!

ok so here is what I purchased at Publix for week 2
1 ziploc vacuum bag, sale 2.00 used $1.00 IP = $1.00
6 yoplait smoothies (cant wait to try these) bogo $3.19, used 2 - $1.25 IPs and 4- $1.00 MQ =  .52 cents each
eggs, no sale $2.55
hot dog buns, no sale $1.19
3 packs of boneless chicken breast, sale $1.99 lb = $9.59
4 special k cereals, bogo $3.99, used $1.00/2 target Q., 1 -$1/2 mq and 2 bogo IP = $2.00 Money Maker!!!
6 martha white corn bread .89cents each, used 2- b2g1 free PQ and 3- .55/2 mq = .32 each
Spent $17.31
Saved $50.36 or 74%


  1. I miss Publix BOGO sales! When we were in Georgia last week, the only thing that kept me from shopping there was the long road trip back home. Great job for being under budget! Please come link up at the weekly savings page on Bluegrass Savers.

  2. Very good, except - ouch! - the eggs. I know there are some ALDI stores in Central Florida - are there any within a decent driving distance of you? Here in South Florida, a dozen eggs at ALDI are 69¢ - better than any sale price I've seen at any other store (and believe me, I shop at a lot of stores).

    Thanks for coming by and linking up!
    -- Laura from Frugal Follies

  3. @Laura ....I wish I had an Aldi by me! The closest one is about an hour away.

  4. I live in central FL as well - Lake County. Good to find someone who posts deals not in the land of doubles. I started couponing after seeing couponmom on the Dave Ramsey show as well - how funny. I've been couponing for almost 4 years now & feed a family of 7 on $200 a month so your new goal for the year is very attainable. Good luck!