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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last trip to CVS for 2010

My husband is the BEST guy in the world! I guess that is why we are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary today. He took me to CVS and actually went in and bought some items with his card, guess which items he bought? hehehe. He is such a trooper!!!!
I bought:
1 Tide $5.97 got $1.00 ecb
Charmin $4.99 got $1.00 ecb
1 Tone $3.88 got $3.00 ecb
Used 3 $1.00 mq, one for each item and $8.79 in ecb from last trip
Paid OOP $4.09
Then I bought 2 secret deodorants for $5.00, used 2- .50cent mq and $4.00 ecb from the first transaction. I paid only the tax which was .35 cents!!!

Hubby bought:
always pads $3.00 used $1.00 mq Got $2.00 ecb for 2
always panty liners $3.00 used .50 cent mq
1 tide $5.97 used $1.00 mq Got $1.00 ecb
1 tone $3.88 used $1.00 mq Got $3.00 ecb
Used $10.79 in ecb
Paid oop $2.67
Then he used the $3.00 ecb from the tone and bought the gallon of milk for .19 cents!
All total we spent $7.30 OOP, Saved $52.00 or 88%  and came home with $5.00 ecb for next time!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Publix & Wags 12/ 16

First I will start with my trip to Publix. I got all this FREE, read how!
I didn't keep track of the coupons I used because I had so many. I will do my best to remember them.
4- vanity fair napkins, bogo rain check $2.29 ea, used $1.00 pq = .65 cents each
1 - reddi whip $2.39, used a free coupon when you buy 2 pies PQ & .35 cent mq = .35 Money maker
2- pies 2/$10, used 2 $1.00 IP = $8.00
1- Publix milk $2.45, used $1.00 off milk when you buy 2 cookies = $1.45
1- Dobie Scrubber $1.79, used $1.50 pq = .29 cents
2- 4 way nasal spray $3.99 ea , used 2 $2.00 mq and $5/2 pq = $1.02 Money maker
2- swiss miss, bogo $1.99, used $1.99 IP and free PQ when you buy reddi whip (not sure about these coupons but I think it ended up $1.99 money maker)
1 reddi whip $3.39 (maybe this was free when I bought swiss miss? I had so many coupons for swiss miss and reddi whip the cashier even commented on how good I did! I had mq & pq for both, I wish I wrote it down. I know I had $1.00 pq
2 birds eye frozen veggies, 50% off, used $1/2 = .69 cents ea.
2 birds eye steamfresh veggies, 50 % off, used $1/2 = .69 each
2 Quaker oatmeal, bogo $3.75, used 2  $2.00 IP = .25 cent Money Maker
2 Ore Ida hashbrowns, bogo $2.95, used 2 $1.00 blinkies = .48 cents each
2 Nestle cookies, bogo $2.79, used 2 $1.00 IP = .40 ea
2 Mrs Butterworths syrup, bogo $2.99 no coupon = $1.50 ea
2 Breakstone sour cream 2/$2 used 2 .55 mq = .45 cents ea
2 cool whip, bogo $1.37, used $1.00 IP = .19 cents each
2 planters peanuts, bogo $3.19, used $1.00/2 (I think) = $1.10 each
1 Gatorade recover, $2.00 used $1 blinkie and $1 pq from yellow flyer = free
lettuce $1.69 no coupon
2 Campbell gravy bogo $1.19, no coupon = .60 cents
6 Swanson chicken broth, bogo .97, used .75/5 (I think) = .36 cents each
Overall I  spent $27.08 oop but used a Christmas gift card so it was all FREE!!! Saved $72.29 for about a 72 % savings

Here are my 2 Walgreens trips, once on Wednesday and again on Thursday

Oh how I hate using coupons at Walgreens!!!! This trip was a disaster! I didn't plan ahead so its all my fault. I heard that people were having trouble getting their jingle cash when they spent $25 when they used coupons so I didn't even try for that, I didn't want any hassle. hahaha. In the long run I should have just rang it up all together and saved my jingle cash for next week.
First transaction I bought the activ on and goodys hair ties. The store display for jingle cash had the wrong goodys on it so of course I bought the wrong one and the jingle cash didn't come out! So I returned them and got the new ones and got my $2 jingle cash. I thought I would pay for my second transaction with my $8.00 jc from the activ on....dummy me, my second transaction should have only been about $4.00. This is where things went really wrong, lol. I gave the cashier all my coupons, two of the $2.00 bics didn't ring up and I didn't catch it, so my total came to $7 something....I'm still thinking of using that $8 jc so I start to panic when I need to come up with an item for .60 cents so I grab the closest thing which was a little match box car for $1.29. I figured it will start my collection for next Christmas. So I used my $8.00 jingle cash and payed $1.35 oop. When I got to my car I noticed the mistake mentioned above about the goodies so I had to run back in, got that fixed and went home. Well at about 2:30 am I woke up thinking way did I spent so much money? LOL, so I got up and looked over my receipt and that's when I noticed the other $4.00 in coupons didn't go through. UGH! Now I can't get back to sleep worrying over how will I get my $4.00 back! LOL
So when the sun comes up I head to Walgreens to see what they say....I was going right past there on my way to Publix anyway so why not try. After a few questions and asking another supervisor and saying something about coupon fraud they gave me a $4.00 walgreens card....was all that worth it ????? I got my credit and did some more shopping.
oh and this trip was $11.47 OOP and got $2 jingle
UPDATE: Here is what I purchased:
1 goody hair ties $2.00 and got back $2.00 in register rewards/jingle cash
1 activ on joint pain relief $7.99 got $8.00 jc
4 bic razors (bonus packs) bogo $3.99 used 4 $2.00 mq = free...after going back!
2 jello 2/$1 after in ad coupon
2 oranges and 1 mushroom .39 cents each after in ad coupon
2 milky ways $1.59, used .81 wq and .50/2 IP = .14 cents each
2 blistex .99 cents each, used $1.00 mq = .49 cents ea
1 hot wheels car $1.29

Here is what I got on my second trip:

To feed my frustrations I get 4 big bags of peanut M & Ms on sale for $2.50, used 2  $1/2 mq & the $4 credit.  paid $4.65 and got back $5.00 in jingle cash.
Second transaction:
2 eggs .99 cents each, used .55/2 IP = .72 cents ea
3 butter, rain check for $1.99 ea
2 Toblerone $1.50 ea, used $1 wq and $1 mq = free (I just noticed that I paid $1.50. there was a sign that said 2/$2 on the Toblerone even though its advertised for $1.50. I guess I didn't get them free! If you bought these check the expiration date, mine had a date of August 2010!!!!)
1 activ on, $7.99 got back $8 jingle cash
1 goodies hair ties $2 got $2 jingle cash
OOP 13.39, Got $10 jingle cash
I really need to write things down and slow down while shopping and really pay attention when the cashier rings things up!!! After almost a year of using coupons I still need lots of help and patience!
Can you give me any tips on how you play the drug store game?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

second trip to Publix 12/13

Sorry there is no picture for this shopping trip. My camera didn't want to work! Maybe Santa will bring me a new one :)
Yesterday I didn't have much going on so I decided to go back to Publix to pick up some more chicken and a few other things that I needed.
I found the Noche Buena coupon booklet, there was a big stand up display of them when I walked in! I was able to use two coupons out of it on this trip.
Here is what I purchased:
No coupons used for hot dog buns, yo plus yogurt and yellow onions
1 Angel soft toilet tissue 12 rolls on sale for $5.49, used $1.50 mq from NB booklet = $3.99
1- 3M command hooks $3.39, used $1.50mq from winter family savings booklet = $1.89 (I use these to hang our stockings from our fireplace mantel)
2- 4way Nasal spray $3.99 ea, used $5/2  pq and 2 $1.00 mq = $1.02 Money Maker
1- Swiss Miss cocoa $1.99, used $1.00 Pq & $1.99 IP (both were when you purchased reddi wip) = free
1- Reddi Wip topping $2.39, used .50cent IP & $1.00 pq = .89 cents ( I didn't realize until just now that I got the smaller can of Reddi wip, the coupon says 14 oz. and I purchased 7 oz.). I had a cup of cocoa & whipped topping for breakfast, it was so tasty! I am glad I saved a few coupons for next week when the cocoa goes on bogo sale.
1 - Breakstone sour cream $1.50 used .55 mq = .95. Goes on sale next week. I need to stock up!
2- Vanity fair napkins bogo, used $1.00/2 mq from the NB booklet = .65 each. I also picked up a rain check for the 100 count napkins and grabbed another Noche Buena booklet on my way out, so I will be able to save on napkins again next week if they are in stock.
4- small packs of boneless chicken breast  on sale for $1.99 lb, no coupons = $15.42
2- Emerald whole cashews $5.79 ea, used bogo raincheck & 2 $1.00 mq = $1.90
2 - 7-UP 2 liters .99 ea, used 2 $2.00 off pq ( all the trimmings booklet) when you buy the cashews = $2.02 Money Maker. I really saved by getting the raincheck since I didn't have any of the extra coupons at the time. My only mistake was that the raincheck was for 2 deals, 4 cashews, and I only bought 2. I even had the extra 7 up coupons. I hate when I do that! These cashews are my husbands favorite too!
Overall I saved $45.54 and spent $31.55 or 59%. If you don't count the items that I didn't have coupons for it would have been 91%!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Publix Shop & Show 12/10

This is the first trip to Publix this month! Last week I just didn't need anything, that was the first week I have missed all year. I really didn't need to much of anything this week but i couldn't pass up the American Express gift card deal and I have been craving a pot of chili and some chicken and black bean salsa tacos. I purchased a $100 American Express gift card for only $95.95! That included the $5.95 activation fee. In this weeks flyer on the back page is a coupon for $10 off!! I will go back and get more since I always pay cash for my groceries I will be saving $4.00 on each card. I just wish I knew about this deal yesterday when I went to Walmart and got 2 $100 visa cards for the kids for Christmas and had to pay an extra $12 to activate them!

Today I spent $44.60 and saved $54.85 = 55% , that does not include the gift card.
Not pictured is the gift card, a gallon of milk and 2 packs of toilet paper.
Here are the coupons used:
Bogo raincheck for 2 deals on the packing tape -$3.49 bogo, used 4 mq $1.00(winter family savings booklet) = .75 cents each
2 Angel soft 12 rolls toilet paper - 5.49, used mq .50cents. I could only find one of my coupons. = $5.24 each
4 Meow Mix- Bogo $4.89, used 4 $1.00 mq = $1.45 ea.
Publix 2% gallon Milk $3.29
2 Chips Ahoy cookies- Bogo $2.99, used $1.50/2 mq and $1.00 mq when you buy milk = .25 cents ea
2 Theraflu $5.39 each, used 2 $2mq and $5/2 PQ = .89 cents each. (not quit as good of deal as when I got it as a $2.00 money maker but still a great deal and now I am stocked up for winter)
4 kidney beans, no sale, no coupons = .75 ea
Mission fajita tortillas, no sale $2.69, used $1.00 MQ = $1.69
2 old el paso taco seasoning, no sale .97, used .60/2 = .67 ea
2 Crystal light pure bogo $3.49, no coupon = $1.75 ea
3 scotch brite dobie scrubbers $1.79 no sale, used 3 $1.50 pq = .29 ea
boneless chicken breast sale $1.99 lb = $3.72
2 Kelloggs mini wheats - bogo $4.19, used $1.00/2 = $1.60. I missed out on the $1.50/1 IP that came out yesterday :(

I also stopped by the produce stand on my way home. I got a bunch of bananas, 3 apples and 3 tomatoes for only $3.10

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CVS 12/6 Shop & Show

This is my CVS shopping trip for 12/6. I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to look around for more deals. The red coupon machine gave me two stove top coupons last week and of course when I went to use them today they were out of stock. I love stove top stuffing so I might try my regular store to see if they have any. Here is what I got:

Cold Buster syrup $8.99, no coupon, got $8.99 ecb back
Planters flavor grove almonds $2.50, CVS coupon for $2.50 = free
3 bags of Hersheys Kisses 2/$5 & B2G1 free, I didn't get my smart source coupon Sunday so I ended up paying $1.00 each after $1.00 cvs coupon and $1.00 mq. If I had the coupon I would have saved another $2.50 and got all 3 bags for .50 cents!!!! (note to self...always call the newspaper and tell them I was missing coupons!)
4 Zhu Zhu pets $9.88 each, on sale bogo, used b2g1 free cvs IP coupon = $9.88 for all 4!
I have to find out if my granddaughter likes these, if not they will be donated to Toys for Tots.
I used $9.99 in ecb
Paid $13.14 oop
Got $9.88 ecbs for next week
UPDATE: I went to my favorite store today (12/7) and picked up the stove top. While I was there I scanned my card and my husbands card and we both got the Planters flavor grove coupon. I ended up with 2 stove top and 2 bags of almonds for $1.00

Last week deal was so good I went back for more on 12/1
Transaction #1
Complete $9.99, got $9.99 back, used $9.99 ecb = .70 (tax)
Transactions #2
2 Gas X gel tabs $5.99 ea, used 2 $3 IP
2 Gas X prevention $6.29 ea, used 2 $4 IP, $5ecb, $2.99 ecb & $1 ecb = $1.57
Got back $9.99 ecb on gas X
Transaction #3
EOS lip balm $2.99, used $2.99 ecb = free , got back $2.99 ecb
Transaction #4
Pillow Pet $19.99
Used $10 & $2.99 ecb, 20% cvs discount coupon $4.00
Paid oop $4.12
Total for everything in the picture $6.39