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Friday, January 14, 2011

Publix and Winn Dixie shop 1/14

I was going to try and not shop this week but that didn't work out! I didn't even make it until the weekend! To many good deals to pass up.
Here is my Publix trip
I paid $12.83 OOP and saved $40.36 for a savings of 76%

4 Special K - Bogo rain check from last week, used 2 bogo IP and a $1.00 TQ = $1.00 Money Maker
2 Kikkoman soy sauce, no sale $1.19 each, used bogo IP and $1/1 IP = .19 cents  for both
Yo plus yogurt, no sale $2.00, used .50cent mq = $1.50
3 apples, sale $1.00 lb = $1.63
2 Sundown vitamins $3.99 & $4.69 , used $6/2 from green flyer and $3/2 IP = .32 cent MM ( first time in a long time that I got free vitamins, I might have to go back for some vitamin D when they get it in stock)
2 Glad trash bags, sale $5.49 ea, used 2- $3.00 IP and 2 - $1.00 TQ = $1.49 each ( great price!)
2 Pepperidge farm bread, bogo $3.89, no coupon  = $1.95 each
2 ocean spray trail mix, bogo $1.99, no coupon = $1.00 each
1 Pedigree dentastix, sale $3, used $2 mq = $1.00

Today I had a brand new cashier and he had to call the manager for help on the coupons. He was telling me that I couldn't use a competitor coupon with a manufacturer coupon. I knew that wasn't right. The other problem that I had and didn't notice until I was walking out to my car was that he rang up my rain check cereal at half price so when he took off my bogo coupons it was only half price. I had to go back in and have customer service correct this, it was a $4 mistake! They understood and told me he was brand new, Thank God for great customer service at Publix!!!!
Here is my Winn Dixie Stop

Last week my husband ran in to Winn Dixie to pick up a head of lettuce ,on his receipt was a free WD Q for a pack of scott natural wipes, so I used that coupon today. Scott wipes $2.29, free coupon = free
WD kidney beans, sale .60 cents each (could anyone tell me if Publix ever has beans on sale, I never noticed)
Kens blue cheese, bogo $3.39, used $1/2 mq = $1.19 each ( thought the coupon was for $1/1 and I had 2 of them. Only got to use the one)
Taco seasoning, no sale .99 cents each, used .60/2 IP = .69 each
cabbage $1.83 (terrible price but I needed it for some soup)
Mission corn tortillas, no sale $2.49, (noticed my $1.00 coupon had expired before I handed it over )
College Inn broth, bogo $2.89, used $1/2 = .95 cents each (I didn't have any of the coupons that matched this weeks broth sale at Publix)
This trip I spent $13.75 and saved $12.37, a saving of only 47% .


  1. When was the WD stop? I need broth and have some College Inn coupons.