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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saved 68% at Publix 4/14

 I had every thing put away before I realized that I didn't take a picture of the things I bought ,so it will just be a list today.
I started out this trip by picking up a $50 American Express gift card. I used the $10 off coupon that is in the sales flyer and got it for $44.95 after the $4.95 activation fee. This is a money maker of $5.05!! I just love when they have a sale on these, I save so much money by purchases a bunch of them though out the week. I am on the Dave Ramsey envelope money system so I just take they money that is budgeted for my monthly groceries and turn it into a card! I did this transaction twice today, once using $50 of my grocery money and once for $50 of my personal spending money. All totaling a $10.10 money maker!!! Nothing better than walking into a store and having them give you ten bucks  right off the bat :) I will check some of my other budgeted money to see if I can buy more this week.

Here is what else I purchased:
14 - birds eye veggies (most of these were green beans for church dinner this week) on sale for 50% off, used 5- $1.00/3 mq (some how I ended up one bag short) = 12 @ .56 cents each and 2 @ .39 cents each because of the one bag missing mistake. I wouldn't have been able to get this great deal if it wasn't for the two very nice coupon girls that I see every week shopping. I asked them if they had any spare coupons and they gave me 4 of the coupons!!!!
1 small ham, sale $9.09
4 sweet potatoes, sale .49 lb = .99 cents
2 zucchini, sale .99 lb = .48 cents
4 yoplait yo plus yogurt, bogo $2.00, no coupon = $1.00 each
4 Pam spray, bogo $2.95, used 4 - $1.00 pq and 3- .35mq (one q short) = .21 cents each
2 Tutt. crushed tomatoes, bogo $1.87, used $1/2 blinkie = .43 each
2 Alexia frozen buttermilk biscuits, bogo $3.39, used 2 $1.00 IP = .70 each
4 dole canned  pineapple bogo $1.59, used 2 .50/2 = .55 each
3 kraft shredded cheese with philly, sale $1.67, used 3 $1.00 blinkies = .67 each
2 snickers eggs, .50 each, used $1/2 = FREE

I spent $29.31 not counting the gift cards, saved $62.24 or 68%
Not bad for getting the extras this week for my Easter dinner and the beans for the church dinner!!!

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  1. I got a lot for free this week too.

    One bunch of green beans,
    One zucchini
    four yellow squash with lots more coming
    one cucumber, with four on the vine
    100 giant green onions for anyone who wants to pick
    a handful of blueberries which keep dissapearing b/c on one son who eats them off the bush.

    OH and six large single blackberries.

    and my price.. FREE.. and lots of hours in the garden.