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Monday, April 4, 2011

Big CVS trip 4/3

I had another big week at CVS. On this trip I spent $24.89 oop and saved $138.16 or 85%. I came home with $17.97 in ecbs for my next trip.  If you have read my shopping blog before you know how I hate to do more than one transaction, today I had to break down and do three!!!

My first transaction I bought the tide, bounty, 3 herbal essence shampoo and 3 hair spray.
I had a $4/20 from the coupon machine and $11.50 in ecbs. I used a .35 mq for tide, 3 bogo mq for the shampoo and stylers and $1/2 mq for shampoo.  I paid a total of $10.42 oop and saved $43.97.

Second transaction I bought 2 irish spring body wash, one deodorant with bonus body wash attached, 3 puffs, 1 milk ( ended up paying $2.19- awesome price!), 1 gold bond body wash, 1 glide floss, 1 crest rinse. I had a $4/20 from a cvs email and the $10 ecbs from the first transaction and $1.50 ecb for the 1/4. I used $1.00 IP for the milk, .25/3 mq on puffs, 2 $1.00mq Irish spring body wash, .50 mq Irish spring deodorant, .75 mq floss, $2.00 mq gold bond, $1.00 mouth rinse. As I am typing this up I realize that the cashier must have rang up my $2.00 coupon twice, not sure where the extra $2.00 off came from? I spent $8.29 and saved $33.94.

Third transaction I bought the complete eye solution, 2 john frieda shampoos, 2 oral b toothbrushes, 2 gum ez flossers. I used $9.00 ecb from 2nd transaction. Cashier told me I could have printed out another $4/20 from the email but I didn't know that, so I lost out on $4 and the gum ez printables were all gone by the time I got around to printing that out, so I lost another $1.50. Two lessons learned today!!! (going over my receipt I just noticed that I did use a $4/20 on this transaction and not on transaction #2). Coupons used were: 2 $2.00 mq oral b toothbrush, 2 $2.00 mq john frieda, $1.00 mq complete eye solution.
Total spent was $6.18 and saved $35.36.
I could have saved more money by breaking down that transaction that I didn't have the $4/20 coupon for and using some more ecbs but I am very happy how things turned out!


  1. Great! I did a similar shop this week, but got 3 clearance VIAs. I think $ 25 for your items is awesome. I think a little more OOP can mean big big savings that you can't match at Sam's Club. Thanks for the inspriration.

  2. I saved 33% with no coupons just today at publix.

    Just think how much you will save on zucchini and onions and cucumbers when my crop comes in. If the rain doesn't rot us out.

  3. I forgot my $4/20 coupon once, and the manager told me that I can scan the barcode from my phone (only if you have a smartphone). I hope you don't miss out on another $4/20!

  4. Wow, that's pretty impressive. That's a lot of stuff! I love drug store deals and coupons!