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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CVS 12/6 Shop & Show

This is my CVS shopping trip for 12/6. I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to look around for more deals. The red coupon machine gave me two stove top coupons last week and of course when I went to use them today they were out of stock. I love stove top stuffing so I might try my regular store to see if they have any. Here is what I got:

Cold Buster syrup $8.99, no coupon, got $8.99 ecb back
Planters flavor grove almonds $2.50, CVS coupon for $2.50 = free
3 bags of Hersheys Kisses 2/$5 & B2G1 free, I didn't get my smart source coupon Sunday so I ended up paying $1.00 each after $1.00 cvs coupon and $1.00 mq. If I had the coupon I would have saved another $2.50 and got all 3 bags for .50 cents!!!! (note to self...always call the newspaper and tell them I was missing coupons!)
4 Zhu Zhu pets $9.88 each, on sale bogo, used b2g1 free cvs IP coupon = $9.88 for all 4!
I have to find out if my granddaughter likes these, if not they will be donated to Toys for Tots.
I used $9.99 in ecb
Paid $13.14 oop
Got $9.88 ecbs for next week
UPDATE: I went to my favorite store today (12/7) and picked up the stove top. While I was there I scanned my card and my husbands card and we both got the Planters flavor grove coupon. I ended up with 2 stove top and 2 bags of almonds for $1.00

Last week deal was so good I went back for more on 12/1
Transaction #1
Complete $9.99, got $9.99 back, used $9.99 ecb = .70 (tax)
Transactions #2
2 Gas X gel tabs $5.99 ea, used 2 $3 IP
2 Gas X prevention $6.29 ea, used 2 $4 IP, $5ecb, $2.99 ecb & $1 ecb = $1.57
Got back $9.99 ecb on gas X
Transaction #3
EOS lip balm $2.99, used $2.99 ecb = free , got back $2.99 ecb
Transaction #4
Pillow Pet $19.99
Used $10 & $2.99 ecb, 20% cvs discount coupon $4.00
Paid oop $4.12
Total for everything in the picture $6.39


  1. The Zhu Zhu pets are hot this year. Do NOt donate them. I will purchase them from you. But Mia will want them and the pet pillow too. My guess is she won't want the gas x, so you can donate that to me. ha ha ah

  2. LOL i'm donating mine, I know my boys like them but i HATE the noise the ones he has makes! They are going to toys for tots as well! It's nice to know others donate to such a great cause!

  3. Fantastic trips! I see CVS gets you to come back more than once at times, too. :-) Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.