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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last trip to CVS for 2010

My husband is the BEST guy in the world! I guess that is why we are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary today. He took me to CVS and actually went in and bought some items with his card, guess which items he bought? hehehe. He is such a trooper!!!!
I bought:
1 Tide $5.97 got $1.00 ecb
Charmin $4.99 got $1.00 ecb
1 Tone $3.88 got $3.00 ecb
Used 3 $1.00 mq, one for each item and $8.79 in ecb from last trip
Paid OOP $4.09
Then I bought 2 secret deodorants for $5.00, used 2- .50cent mq and $4.00 ecb from the first transaction. I paid only the tax which was .35 cents!!!

Hubby bought:
always pads $3.00 used $1.00 mq Got $2.00 ecb for 2
always panty liners $3.00 used .50 cent mq
1 tide $5.97 used $1.00 mq Got $1.00 ecb
1 tone $3.88 used $1.00 mq Got $3.00 ecb
Used $10.79 in ecb
Paid oop $2.67
Then he used the $3.00 ecb from the tone and bought the gallon of milk for .19 cents!
All total we spent $7.30 OOP, Saved $52.00 or 88%  and came home with $5.00 ecb for next time!!!


  1. Happy anniversary!! Very nice trip for you both! Love to have extra bucks left for the next week. Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.

  2. I think thats great. But I still can't save as much as you do.