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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Toll House caramel filled chocolate chip cookies I mentioned in an earlier post today came out YUMMY! The caramel filling is piping hot right out of the oven so we had to wait for them to cool down a little before trying them.
These cookies are on sale for $2.79 BOGO this week at Publix. I used two manufacture coupons making them only .40 cents each. Some of them had peelies! I think I need to go back and get some more!!!!


  1. Ok, here is the thing, it is really nice to have someone comment on your posts, it makes you feel like someone is listening. It will inspire you to continue to post. So you have to leave comments on Others blogs too. Its the right thing to do. I think you are my coupon hero. I am still stuck at 25 to 33% savings. It is what it is. I scrubbed three bathrooms today and cleaned all the floors yesterday. I will give you all my coupons if you will do my shopping for me.

    Love Amy

  2. Thanks Amy! When you started your blog I didnt even know what a blog was! I will be sure to leave you comments now, but just so you know I always read yours!