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Monday, October 25, 2010

Publix Shop and Show 10/24

Let me start by introducing my granddaughter Mia. She was outside playing with the water hose when I got home from shopping and just had to be in my shopping trip picture! It is still in the high 80's here in Central Florida!
Today's shopping was a good one! I saved 75% and found some of the new Harvest of Saving booklets.
I started by stopping by the customer service desk to ask if I could use my expired B2G1 Martha Stewart cleaning products coupons with my BOGO rain check. Publix is so awesome that of course they said yes!!! That meant that I purchased one for $3.99 and got the other 5 FREE!
Here is some of the other deals that I got:
Uncle Bens rice .50 each
Ragin Cajun Pringles FREE
2 dial soap .72 each
Knorr sides .75 each, no coupon just bogo
Nestle cookies .40 each
Carmel filled nestle cookies $1.21 money maker - they had peelies on them
Fruit 2 day drinks .50 each
sour cream .95
4 C grated cheese $1.99...forgot to get my free bread crumbs with this!
Arnold bread $1.95 each
Old El Paso taco seasoning .64, not on sale but I needed it and the coupon was expiring
Meow Mix cat food FREE...thanks to my friend Michelle L.
Sominex $2.62 money maker!
Preparation ointment $1.89
Yakisoba noodles .10 each
Pepperidge Farms cookies .70 each
Today I definitely stocked up on cookies which I don't normally do but the price was great and they looked so good :)
No coupon for the potatoes or eggs.

I spent $25.16
Saved $79.43
A savings of 75%
I used my 2 Winn Dixie Catalinas from my previous post.

Do you see Mia's little chicken in the picture? She insisted!

I get all of my coupon match ups over at and Thanks Michelle and Liza!


  1. Im really glad you started this site I live in Central FL so I like reading the deals people are getting in my area. Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Thanks for checking out my site Rona! I have a lot to learn about blogging but I think my pictures tell the story the best.