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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2nd Publix trip Spent only .61 cents Saved 98%

I had to go to the dentist yesterday so I knew I would be driving by another Publix this week. This store takes target coupons so I saved some of the deals for this store.
I paid only .61 cents for all of this! I saved $34.70 or 98%.
Here is what I got and the coupons used:
I am happy to finally find some garden delight pasta on the shelves. I had two bogo rain checks for two deals each and 7 $1.00 off blinkie coupons, making it a .16 cent money maker.
The smart balance was only .59cents after a $2.00 mq and $1 pq.
Country crock was .35 cents after bogo and a $1.00 target coupon.
 Vitamin D was  $2.02 money maker after 2 $1.00mq and $6.00pq.
 Both toaster strudels were free after bogo and free mq. ( I know, I know more junk food but come on ...its Boston cream pie flavor! lol. All I could think of when seeing these was an eclair and I was hungry !)
 Muir glen tomato sauce  was a .22 money maker after pq and whole foods q.
 Lettuce was .69 cents after $1 target produce coupon.
 Rubbermaid containers just .76 cents after 40%off sale and $1mq. These were a small mm on Thursday but the coupon from the green flyer expired. I paid .28 cents tax.

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  1. dang, and All I did was Thanksgiving prep. I have absolutely NO room in my freezer. I need to eat the stuff in there. But looks like you got pantry stuff. hey I have a great idea for you. Make up big baskets for christmas for your friends and neighbors. That way you make room, you don't spend any extra money and they will really use the gift you gave them. Seriously, I think you can get some baskets at the dollar store and have a really cool gifts. Good luck.