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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving CVS shop - Saved $102.62 -

This morning my husband and I were at CVS by 7 am. We were the first ones in the store for the sale!!! My store had a special display for most all of the free items, shopping was so easy!!!! We each used our own cards. All together we spent $25 oop, saved $102.62 and got back $52.46 in ecb to use by Christmas!!!!! I think we had had $18 ecb to start. I forgot to tell my husband to check his email for the $5 off $25 coupon and we only used 2 listerene coupons so we could have saved another $6.00 and I didn't have any coupons for the candy or the xtra. We could have saved some out of pocket money by doing more transactions but we hate doing that. I did two transactions and Robert did 3. For all the coupon matchups I used simplycvs.


  1. I generally hate doing a lot of transactions as well. It's great that you can get your husband in on the fun. My boyfriend just rolls his eyes at me. Ah well. He still congratulates me if I tell him the total I paid or got paid to buy things.

  2. Wow- great job at CVS!!!!!! Taika- I'm with you, my husband does NOT like to coupon. He won't even use 1 coupon at a store if I ask him too. CVS had some GREAT deals- looks like you got them all! Great!

  3. For some reason I didn't pick up the renpure shampoo and conditioner and the LA styling gel that was free so I went back and got it, along with AA, AAA,9 volt batteries and a makeup gift pack.