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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Publix trip 11/4 Saved 79%

I keep telling myself to stop shopping but the deals are just to good to pass up! This week I purchased $131 worth for only $28! I used a ton of coupons, for all the match ups I used Iheartpublix and addictedtosaving. I saved $38.43 in vendor coupons, $12 in publix coupons and $52.66 in sale prices.
I will be donating the os-cal and vivarin, they were both money makers! I am also hoping to donate some of the toaster strudels, they were all FREE. The cookie mix was only .10 cents a box so I will save those for the holidays. I purchased the large rubbermaid containers to put the cookies in. They were suppose to be on sale but the larger ones didn't ring up sale price, I will have to take my receipt back for a refund. They are 40% off and I had a publix coupon and a manufacturer coupon. The smaller size was a .09 cent money maker. The gingerbread graham crackers was an impulse buy but at least they were on sale bogo and I had a mq. They sounded really good :)
Here are some of the prices that I paid after coupons: Hood milk was only .80 cents each, chicken broth .50 cents, steam veggies .95 cents, fiesta grilln beans .67 cents, soup .90 cents, coffee mate .50 cents, bread sticks .79, dip n sticks $1.09, canned veggies .38, yogurt $1.38.


  1. we are going to have to put you in a 12 step program.
    I want to hear about the awesome meals your making with all this darn food. Tonight I had grilled steak, fresh mushrooms sauted in olive oil and herbs, fresh green beans(you can have the canned ones even free I won't eat them) and new red potatoes roasted, smashed, cooked crispy with melted cheddar cheese and then homemade buttermild dressing. I make my own buttermilk and the dressing. Can't beat it. The store bought stuff is ok but homemade is awesome. Then I made a Pecan Cranberry salad with celery and apples and marshmellows, it was so freaking good.
    The steaks are cut way thicker at sam's club. I love a good hand cut steak. The grocery stores cut their steaks so thin. They are so full of grisel. Where do you find your best steak deals?

  2. Great Shopping Trip! I’d love to have you post it on my site so my followers can see what you did! Come link up-

    Thanks so much- Tamarah

  3. Tamarah thanks for checking out my site! I posted my shopping trip on your blog. Thank you for the link up :)