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Monday, November 1, 2010

Publix trip #2 10/31

I made another trip to Publix over the weekend. Since there were no great deals at the drug stores this week I decided to spend my money at the grocery store. Robert had to run to Walmart so I decided to ride with him. I do not like Walmart so I had him drop me off at Publix which is just around the corner. I forgot the dog food on my first trip (on sale for  $9.99 and had a $2 mq) and wanted to use my $3.00 off the fried chicken family combo meal coupon that was expiring. I got that a few weeks ago when we attended the Bucs vs Saints football game. GO Saints!!! We love fried chicken so for only $7.59 we got enough for lunch on Sunday and Monday!
 I wanted to pick up some more of the great freebies but didn't have much luck. The garden delight pasta was sold out but I did pick up a rain check and found some more blinkies for $1.00 off! I bought 2 more cascadian farms granola bars but they didn't have the peelies on them so I paid $1 a box instead of free, 2 more Quaker true delights but only one had a peelie so I paid .90 each. Have I told you how much I LOVE granola bars? This week I was able to replenish my stockpile, I was almost out!

I bought 4 oscar mayer carving board meats. I had a lot of different coupons for those....Publix, Target, Manufacturer so I only paid $1.25 each. I have never tried the carving board before. It is sliced thick. I am thinking we could use it for dinner some night, just heat up and serve with some mashed potatoes and veggies.

 I found 2 more friskies coupons in my coupon box so I picked up two more bags of cat food for $1 each. Robert wanted a jar of pickled okra, that was not on sale but I found a .75 cent coupon.

Over all I saved 56%. Not to bad considering what I purchased :)

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