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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Publix 11/18 Big shopping trip

Today I did a lot of shopping at Publix! I got $187.60 worth of groceries for $75.19. A saving of 60%. Not the greatest savings but considering what I bought I think I did great! I used 50 coupons today :)
This trip probably puts me over my monthly budget by about $50. Still not bad since I bought everything for Thanksgiving dinner and even some for Christmas dinner and holiday baking this month. I will just have to watch what I buy next month.
Here is how I did it:
2 Green Giant broccoli steamers $2.39 ea., both free using the target coupon from yesterdays paper when you spent $25.
1 Publix pumpkin pie, raincheck for $3.00, used $1.00 PQ= $2.00
4 Cascadian farms fruit, used 4 $1 Pq and 4 $1 IP = $1.74 each (half price)
2 oscar mayar pepperoni , used $1/2 tearpad = $2.39 each
1 sister schuberts wheat rolls, used .50 cent mq = $2.00
2 Med. shrimp platters $11.99 bogo = $5.99 each
2 Pie crust crust, used .50/2 IP =  $1.75
2 cool whip, $1.37 bogo, used .50 cent Target q = .44 cents each
2 breakstone sour cream $1.00, used $1IP and .55 mq = .23 each
1 activia yogurt, still not on sale!!!!, $2.39, used .75 cent IP = $1.39
4 nestle cookies, bogo $2.79, used 4 - .75 cent IP = .63 cents each
2 pillsbury pizza crust, $1.67 ea, used .40/2 mq = $1.47 ea. I am going to try and make pepperoni bread. Will post on a later date about this.
2 planters cashews (to feed my husbands nut addition!) bogo $4.29, used $1 mq and .75 tq = $1.27 ea.
2 musselmans applesauce, bogo $2.33, no coupons = $1.17 ea
2 nabisco wheat thins, bogo $2.79, used $1 tq, 2 $1mq = .22 Moneymaker!
2 wheat thin stix, bogo $2.79, used 2 $1mq = .40 each
2 mueller corkscrews pasta, bogo $1.17, used $1.00 IP = .08 cents
2 mueller lasagna, .99 ea, used $1.00 IP = .49 ea
4 hellmanns mayo, bogo $4.54, used 2 - .50 tq, 2 - .75 IP, 4 - .55 hang tags = $1.10 each (cashier took the internet prints and hangtags! We talked about this before starting and she said if the customer insist they will do that. I did NOT insist and I took back 2 other mq that I had but I forgot about the IP's)
4 Crisco  canola oil, bogo $3.85, used 4- .55 mq = $1.37 each (we usually use peanut oil to fry our turkey but this year will try the canola because it was so cheap)
1 Muir Glen tomatoes  & 1 Muir Glen sauce $1.69 ea. used $1/2 pq and 2 - $1.00 IP = .19 cents each
1 Glory collards $1.25, used .90 IP = .19 cents
2 cans peas, bogo $1.29 = .65
4 Heinz turkey gravy, no coupons??? = .99 cents ea
1 mission corn tortilla shells, not on sale $2.09, used $1mq from vendor = $1.09
carrots .99
celery bogo $1.69 = .85 ea
squash $1.72
potatoes $1.99
sweet potatoes $1.50
2 natures own wheat bread, bogo $3.49 = $1.75
eggs $2.55

If your wondering where all the meat is I am stocked up! I buy chicken when it is really cheap and freeze it.  My husband is a hunter so we have all the venison and pork and sausage we need! I am hoping he will get a deer this weekend since our venison burger meat is very low.


  1. Hey Miss! Looks great! Can you share how you keep your coupons organized? I'm still struggling with that. Thanks!

  2. Hi Rocki! I clip the newspaper coupons that I know that I will use and keep them in a Tastefully Simple drink bucket! It has a lid and a handle, works perfect. I used index cards to make categories like baggies, batteries, chips, cereal, nuts, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.
    In the beginning of my coupon box I keep coupons that need to be filed and the ones that don't really have a spot. Right now I have a hughe pile that isn't filed yet! I try to go through the box once a month a pull out the expired coupons.The rest of the newspaper coupons I keep together and just mark the date on the outside. I keep all of these standing up in a little plastic box.
    Internet prints: I try to print out just what I will use but that never seems to be the case and I always end up throwing a bunch out.
    I tried (for about 3 minutes) to use a coupon binder that uses the baseball card inserts, that was just to much work for me!!!
    You could use a recipe card file box or one of the girls shoe boxes.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Great job! I would love for you to link up your savings again at living well, spending less