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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday morning shopping

Today I made a bunch of different stops while out grocery shopping.
First I went to Winn Dixie
This weeks deal was if you buy the Charmin you get the lysol, tissues, zest and clorox wipes free. I use all that stuff so I thought it was a good deal for me. Most weeks I don't buy the deal because its just junk food! The lettuce was bogo $1.69. The only coupon I used was for the right guard deodorant. It was bogo and I had a bogo coupon, making them both free! These will be donated since my hubby likes old spice deodorant. I spent$15.87 and saved $19.33.
Next stop..Publix

Yes that's right...I bought 6 turkeys! They were only .59 cents a pound! I love turkey, so every month for the next six months I will eat one! LOL. They only weigh about 10 pounds each, so that will be perfect for the two of us. Dinner one night and then turkey soup and sandwiches for lunch the rest of the week. I might go back and see if they have a bigger one later in the week for Thanksgiving. Today all they had was 10 lbs or 20 lbs. I need one about 15 lbs. or maybe I will buy a butterball. Total cost for all 6 was only $36 and as you can see I have a huge chest freezer to put them in. Here is what else I purchased:
I forgot to write down my coupons that I used :(
 I know I had $5/$50 publix coupon and a coupon for everything else purchased! I spent $60 including the turkeys for a savings of $84.59 or 58%
For all the coupon match ups check out

The tape was $2.19 bogo and I had a $1/3 IP = .85 cents each
yellow rice bogo $1.29 and had 4 .50 mq = .15 cents each
Dip was $2.00 bogo and I had 2 IP for .50 = .50 cents.
Chocolate chips $2.55 bogo,used 2 $1/2  IP = .78 cents each
angel soft $5.49, used $1 IP
sweet potato fries 2/5 used 2 $1 IP making them only $1.50 each
activia not on sale, used 2 $1 IP making them $1.39 each
mushroom soup 4/5 used mq?
stove top .99cents, used $1/2 IP = .66 cents each
frenchs onions $2.99, used mq ?
Not pictured was a 5 lb. bag of flour

I also bought 2 lbs of butter at walgreens for $1.99 each

Last stop was to the produce stand where I spent $4.90. No coupons needed!


  1. six turkeys??? uuhmmm, maybe you are just a bit insane. But I like you that way. And wow. You know you can stick all the deodorant in our gift basket. hee hee. I am having 12 people over for Thanksgiving, I make up a huge basket of "oops, I forgot my...? (fill in the blank) for the huge guest bathroom so in case anyone needs personal stuff. I even put little laundry wipes and tide pen, and fresh flowers in each room. This year I am thinking of making individual baskets and leaving them on the beds in their rooms before they Check in to Hotel Schmucker.

  2. Hey .59 cents a pound is better than $6.99 or more a pound at the deli!!!! Now who are you calling insane? LOL
    It's funny, I was thinking of Bob when I bought the deordorant, I was asking myself what kind he likes.