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Monday, January 10, 2011

CVS 1/9 Horrible experience

Today I am not adding a picture of what I bought or even listing the items with coupons. I will tell you that I spent the most ever at CVS. I bought $232.68 for $47.67!!! I bought all the major deals and a bunch of B1G1 50% off in two trips. It seems like everything on sale this week was stuff that I use:) I did come home with $30 ecb which makes me feel better about spending the $47. You all know how I hate to do more than two transactions.  I know I missed at least 2 coupons that would have saved me another $3.40.

Instead of my normal post I want to tell you what happened to me and see what you think. Please leave a comment after you read this.
I got up early and went to my favorite CVS store, as usual. I like going early Sunday mornings. Well today they didn't have the signs up. Boy is it hard to find the right items with no signs! I asked an employee for help and she told me all the wrong info concerning the gas x and maalox deal. I bought the gas x prevention anyway, she told me it wasn't part of the deal! It wasn't until I got home and noticed at the bottom of my receipt that is was part of the deal and I needed to buy one more for the $10 ecb. I also realized that I forgot about half of the things that I wanted. For some reason I circled the items in the flyer but didn't add them to my list! UGH...well I knew I was going out later in the afternoon and would be going by another CVS store so I would just stop there to get the items that I needed. BIG MISTAKE! I will stick to my favorite store from now on! I brought my husband along to try and teach him how to coupon and that didn't go over to well. I told him to buy the gas x first to get the $10 ecb and then buy the rest of the items. The cashier, which happens to be the store manager asked why are we buying that! What??? Why would he be asking this??? He said that it's not even on sale. SO WHAT! I then tell him that I needed one more to get the $10 ecb because I didn't buy enough this morning at another store. He than asked my husband if I had a job!!! again WHAT???? My husband told him couponing was my job and I save the same as a part time job. I asked him if he was hiring. (I have actually thought about working there since I love their deals) The store manager then says "if you worked here you would really know how to coupon and only pay .25 cents for all of that!' Now keep in mind we have only rang up one item at this time! ....On to the next transaction....I made the big mistake of grabbing the smaller size Listerine to use for a rain check that I got last week and to top it off I didn't tell my husband to hand the rain check first. Well the manager just has a fit!!! Goes on and on about the wrong size and the rain check and how he will have to fill out a report if he subtracts anything from the register...on and on...I told him it was a very honest mistake and that I was sorry. I said that I was excited to get it because I went to 3 stores last week and didn't find any. He then says" well its because people like you take it all and they don't have it because they don't want us in the store!" WHAT!!!! I then tell him I will be very happy to never shop in his store again and at my favorite store they love me! He asked which store it was and then just goes off about how bad that store manager is and no wonder she has to go to his store and get stuff and they must take any coupons and on and on......At this point I am in total disbelieve that he is saying all this and another employee was too, she came up behind him and said to me " don't shop at that other store, we love having you here" I think this made the manager realize that he was way out of line and he changed his tune. I think she must have kicked him behind the counter, LOL. He went on to say that he was just joking and that it was so good he could kid around with customers and that I didnt take him so seriously.
OMG its been over 15 hours since this trip and I am still fuming!!!! Let me just say one more thing....I am not a shelf clearer. Its just me and my husband so I only buy a couple of any one item, I don't need a million of one item. For example, I could have bought 7 of the dishwashing tabs but I only bought 4 and then some of the other items in that deal and on the gas x I bought one maalox and a couple different gas x items, not all maalox even though that would have been the best deal. I try and do my very best with the coupon match ups but sometimes we all make mistakes. I am not out to commit coupon fraud, just to save where I can.
Ok so what would you do if this happened to you? My husband said use it to make yourself a better couponer. I have thought about calling corporate about the whole thing but that is not like me.


  1. Wow, Missy, I have read of others who have had similar experiences and even some when their husbands were with them the manager going off on the wife to the husband--like he was with you.

    I think so many non-couponers don't understand that it is totally legitimate to combine sales, extra bucks and coupons and pay very little for products. They think it has to be fraud.

    A little in his "defense" (but not really--there is no excuse for treating any customer, or any human being, that way). I have heard of two different instances in the past few weeks of whole staffs being fired from using coupons incorrectly. My manager said CVS's fiscal year started 12/26 and that they are cracking down on coupons--mostly their own is what it sounds like. Our store used to take expired up to 7 days, now they won't take any. So I wonder if CVS employees are hearing to be more careful, yet they don't understand proper coupon usage so they think it must be wrong when it is so good a deal.

    I know you must be shaking and also frustrated still. About calling corporate, I know where you are coming from. On the one hand CVS is big on customer service and they certainly would not be pleased, but they also come down hard on their employees when they aren't polite. You could call or write a praise for your store you go to all the time and you could even mention that you appreciate them more so now that you have experienced "not so great" service from another store. You could also write a letter in praise of the employee who said they love to have you--the manager sees a copy of all letters sent about their store. It would be a positive action to a negative situation.

    This is so frustrating, for me as a CVS blogger, because I know there are readers who will experience this from me sending them on with their coupons to CVS. Yet there are so many great deals and CVS c.s. is great.

    Okay, enough from me. If you have any follow-up let me know.

  2. WOW, Ok, Why didn't Hubby go off on that nasty guy? Shock? disbelief? You know how I feel about CVS, so I would just say call corporate, and vent away. I went off on Walgreens once for having me stand in line for 30 mins to buy my daughters medication only to be told... "Sorry we don't have it in stock."
    You need to let CVS you are a blogger, you have followers and how you are telling them Never to shop at this store b/c of the manager. If they don't like the way they are losing money... stop printing the dang coupons. THE END.
    You have already done good damage to the store by telling us. Now you need to post what store, the address, the name of the manager and tell corporate. Word of mouth is either great or horrible advertisement.
    Then call the store you love. Ask to speak to the manager. Ask their name, and write a fantastic post about them. Again mention the store, the address and names. Let them know you are a followed blogger and you will be shopping with them ONLY.
    Sorry you got smacked around but you are better, stronger and wiser now. oh and about the amounts of things you buy.. Unless there is a limit printed on the coupon, tell them to kiss your sweet A$$.
    Go Get em and report back.

  3. I would call corporate. Why should he treat you or anyone else like that. I know for a fact they get notified of complaints as well as compliments. If he doesnt like couponing he should work elsewhere. Whille your on the line praise your favorite store. :) You will feel better.

  4. Sad, but not new. I have never had good customer service at CVS.