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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Publix trip 1/20

This mornings shopping was nice and easy! The store was packed with workers taking inventory so I just got what I needed and got out! The best part was I got the customer service girl as a cashier, I love when that happens. No missed coupons or questions asked and she was very fast :)
Here is what I got for $27.83. I saved $53.41 or food always brings this number down but I needed it.
1 Dog Chow, sale $9.99, used $1.50 mq = $8.49
2 Arnolds Bread, bogo $3.99, no coupon = $1.99 ea
2 Stay free ultra plus pads, sale $4.49, used bogo mq, $1.00 mq and 2 $1.00 pq = .75 ea
2 Stay free (smaller pack) $3.35, used bogo mq, $1.00 mq and 2 $1.00 pq = .17 ea
(The stayfree will go into the donation box. I have decided to try and pick something up every week to donate, these 4 only cost me $1.84)
6 Yo Plus yogurts (woohoo, finally my kind of yogurt on sale!!!!) bogo $2.00, used 6 .50 cent mq = .50cents ea.
2 veggie lovers bag salad, bogo $3.69, used 2 .50 cents IP = $1.35 each
1 Oscar Mayer low sodium bacon, sale $3.50, used $1.00 TQ = $2.50
4 Jala frozen yogurt bars, raincheck bogo $3.99, used 4 $1.00 IP = $1.00 each. ( I couldn't wait to try one, the blueberry was delicious!)
2 Sundown vitamins, one was $2.99, one was $3.99, used $6/2 pq and 2 $1.00 mq = $1.02 money maker!

I still have $6.00 in my monthly budget for next week. Not sure if I can keep it under $200 for the month or not. The good thing is that I have $30 in ECBs to use at CVS, so if I really need something I can go there to get it! I have tried 2 different stores this week for the maxwell house coffee but they are out and delivery isn't until friday night. Since my husband is out of town for a few days I might just be able to make it since I won't be cooking as much!


  1. went to publix on Thursday (read my blog for the funny version) and got the asst. manager as my check out. He apologized for the wait. I was only waiting about a minute before they jumped on a register to open a new line. I told him I only waited about a minute. His response was great... "it was a minute too long". I love publix. I just hit the bogos and haven't used coupons in awhile. I have been busy doing so much other stuff. I have to tell you the lemon liqueur I made is freaking awesome. I will post it soon.