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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today's Great drug store experience

I didn't like leaving my blog post on a negative note so today I decided to do some more shopping! sounds like a great excuse to me :) I ran to a different CVS to pick up the two cottonelle wipes to complete my deal from the other day. The oop and $10 ecb back was included in the previous post. Then I went across the street to Walgreens. I have to tell you that the Dade City Walgreens is the best! If you use the cosmetic counter, the young cashier is so friendly and helpful!!! Today my bogo coupons weren't scanning right so she called the manager. This is the first time I have dealt with this women so I was holding me breath! It turns out she is awesome too! They worked all my coupons different ways until they wouldnt beep :) To be sure I was doing everything right I copied what another blogger did and which coupons to use first, last ect. Both the cashier and manager were glad to learn that if you use the walgreens coupon last, the other manufacture coupons won't beep. We even talked about the TLC extreme coupon show and how people come in and clear the shelves and then other customers come in and yell at the manager. We had a great friendly talk about coupons. I spent $5.40, saved $29.79 on this trip or 85%!!!
When I got home I was so thrilled that they were friendly that I called Walgreens corp. and told them how awesome these two are!!! I just wish I had gotten their names. (no I did not call CVS the other day)
So I am back feeling great about my coupon use and deals that I get. I did end up going over budget this week but I looked at the Publix ad coming out on Thursday and I don't need anything, so that will make up for it......but I always say that. We will just have to wait and see.
I also stopped at the produce stand and picked up a big bunch of bananas, basket of tomatoes and 4 sweet potatoes for $4.28. At Publix they were out of the Jala ice cream and special K so I got rain checks. I bought 2 yoplait smoothies, yoplait yo plus yogurt and a kashi go lean crisp cereal all for $4.44, saved $7.69 or 63%.


  1. Jala ice cream??? Oh Java is what you mean. Don't you just hate it when others proof read your posts? ha ha
    I still think you need to call corp. on CVS. they lost my business anyways.

  2. No jala is a brand of frozen yogurt bars!