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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How much feminine products does one girl need?

My husband has been telling the guys at work about my blog and how much I have been saving using coupons.
After reading my blog and looking at the pictures, one guy commented about all the feminine products that I have been buying. He didn't even see the nine packs that I bought this morning at Publix for a total of .25 cents!!
 Some couponers stock pile toilet paper, I stockpile pads, tampons, liners! LOL. In the year that I have been couponing I have only come across cheap deals on these products a few times, so this month when all of the great coupons came out I knew I would use them. This month I have purchased a total of 21 boxes or packs.....but I have only paid about $2.77, give or take some tax on all of them!!! That is less than one pack at the retail price of $3.19. Some of them were money makers, some were .17 cents, some .75, some I even paid $1.00. I bought them at CVS, Walgreens and Publix. I used store coupons, manufacturer coupons and CVS extra care bucks.  Some will be donated, some given away to family, but mostly they are mine , and now I am stocked up until I reach menopause! LOL
What do you stock pile?


  1. UGH, I knew I was feeling crappy today because of you. I need super plus, got any of those? UGh, how about some midol, need some of that too. Me feeling crappy wouldn't have anything to do with the glass of wine I had and the crack I made and ate. If you want to know more about the crack stay tuned to my blog. hee hee.

    Great post btw.

  2. Amy, Amy,Amy can't wait to hear about your "crack" lol!

  3. That is so funny. I have started stock pilling feminine products too and razors. i can only use certain razors, so when i can get them dirt cheap, i buy buy buy. (=

  4. Lets see, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. Anything that keeps for a while, if I find a sale I'll stock up.