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Monday, January 31, 2011

CVS 1/30

Sunday at CVS I Spent $4.73 Saved $41.57 or 90% and got back $10 ecbs.
Here is what I got:
Once again this week I really didn't need anything but I had 2 $2.00 listerine coupons that were about to expire along with a $10 ecb that needed to be used this week.
1- reach floss, sale .99 cent, used $1.00 IP that the cashier adjusted to .99 cents. ( I would have got a few more but that was the last one) = FREE
2 - 1 L. Listerine Zero, used rain check for $5.00 each and get $5.00 ecb when you buy $10. (these are on sale this week for $4.?? but I used the rain check instead so I could get ecb back), used 2 $2.00 IP = (.50 cents each if you count the $5 back) $3.00 each. As you can see in the picture they both have a coupon attached to use for next time!! I am now stocked up on mouthwash!
Unilever deal: spend $15 get $5 ecb
2- Mayo, 2/$6, used 2 .25 cent mq = $2.75
3- Ragu, 3/$5, used .60/2 mq = $1.36
3- Skippy, 3/$5, used 3 .60 mq = $1.06
All three of these coupons came out of this Sundays newspaper. The skippy coupon might be different in your region. My convenient store sells Sunday papers for only .50 cents so I always pick up a few extra when there are great coupons like these that I know I will use!
I used the $5/25 CVS email coupon and $10 ecbs from a few weeks ago. Total OOP was only $4.73 and I got back $10 ecbs for next time!!!! The lady behind me in line was so impressed :) She commented on how she was buying a bunch of stuff from the .99 cent clearance cart and that I would probably be able to get it all for free!!!  (there were two carts full of mark downs but I wasn't interested in any of it)

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  1. Nice variety of items. They get you back in the store with those expiring extra bucks. Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.