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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Publix Trip #2 1/15 Saved 96%

After reading every ones Friday Totals over at I Heart Publix I realized I missed a bunch of great deals, so back to Publix I went this morning. I got lucky, my husband had to go to Lowes which is right next door so he just dropped me off. Before we went there we had to drop off our recyclables. I got lucky, in the newspaper bin there was a bunch of coupons right on top! I got a $5 Maalox coupon and a bogo stayfree coupon out of it!!! Saved me $8.35 today and I didn't even have to dumpster dive!!! LOL
This morning I saved $60.85 or 96%. I spent $2.39. I could have got everything for free and had some overage for something else but I was missing the 2 MQ for the Kleenex which would have taken another $1.00 off and I chose the Maalox and vitamins that I needed instead of just getting the cheapest.
Here is the break down:
4 Vitamins, between $2.99 & $4.29, used 2 PQ $6/2 from green flyer and 4 $1/1 mq = .74 cent money maker. I was running low on vitamins so I am thrilled at this deal:)
2 Stayfree $3.35, used bogo mq, $1 mq and 2 $1 PQ = .17 cents each
3 Maalox, liquid was $4.99, tablets were $4.49, used 3 $5.00 MQ = $1.03 money maker
4 Lysol , bogo $3.59, used 2 $1.50 mq = .30 cents each
6 Kleenex, sale $1.25, used 3 $2/2 PQ = .25 cents each
The cashier missed one of my $5.00 Maalox coupons, I am glad I was paying attention! This is twice in a row that the cashiers have made mistake. Be sure to check the screen as they scan or at least check your receipt before you leave!
Still no Jala yogurt bars :(
I just LOVE Publix!!!

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